Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

When I first started hearing about the Glamglow mud masks, I was so excited because many bloggers and Youtubers were raving about them. As I previously mentioned, my skin has issues. Particularly in regards to clogged pores, black heads, and under the skin bumps. This mask is specifically made to address these sort of problems, by drawing up dirt and congestion from pores. I purchased this mask from Sephora for close to 80 dollars. This is kind of a big deal for me, as I would normally pay so much for a face mask!

This mask has a strong black licorice smell, which isn't too unpleasant. The mud is dark in colour, and has a weird consistency. It's as if there are little chunks of something in it, it's really hard to explain! You can apply this mask to your whole face, or if you can apply only to problem areas too. You leave it on for about 30 minutes, then you wash it off with warm water. I think that if you use this product sparingly, you can probably get 10-15 uses out of it.

Helps draw out black heads
Helps unclog pores
Shrinks the size of pores
You can see these results immediately after application.

Very expensive! (Almost 80 dollars for 1.2 oz of product)
Results are short lived, usually 1-2 days
Consistency was strange

I do like this mask, but because of the steep price, I will probably buy a different mud mask when this one runs out. I'm not convinced that I can't get the same results for cheaper.

If you have any suggestions for masks, I would love to hear them of course. Have you tried GLAMGLOW products?

xx Cynthia

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

When I spotted this scrub on sale at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart if you're not in Quebec), I knew that I had to get it. My skin has been giving me a lot of problems this past year, especially with under the skin bumps and black heads. For under 4 dollars, this green tea scrub by St. Ives promises to "help clear breakouts & refresh the skin". This product contains 1% salicylic acid. Because I had already tried gel cleansers containing salicylic acid and had not seen a difference in my skin, I was doubtful that this scrub would be any different. However, the price being so affordable, I figured I should try it out anyway.

I've been using this product for almost a month now, and even after the first few days of using it I saw a big difference. I have fewer under the skin bumps, and my skin seems to be slowly healing and getting better. I am so thankful I found this product, because I was becoming quite discouraged.

I have been using this product twice a day, which probably isn't the best thing since this is a scrub. However, my skin hasn't been dried up or irritated by this. I would also like to note that there is no recommended usage on the bottle.

This product seems to be quite easy to find, as I have also seen it at Walmart, sold regular price for less than 4 dollars. I will most definitely be repurchasing this product.

xx Cynthia

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Personnelle Rouge Distinction in Prestige

Personnelle is a brand that I have known about since I was a little kid, but I had never once tried any of their cosmetics before. This is the brand of Jean-Coutu, a pharmacy chain in Canada. Their prices are pretty similar to any other drugstore brand.

I had been looking for a matte lipstick for quite a while, as I quite like the look of them, and had finally convinced myself to get the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm. Unfortunately, all of the balms had been tampered with. Buying a lip product that someone had already touched was out of the question. When I continued to browse, I came across the Personnelle display, which had rows of perfectly sealed matte lipsticks in an array of colours. Their new collection of matte lipsticks is called Rouge Distinction.

I always struggle with finding a good lip colour for me. Often certain shades just look completely odd with my skin tone. I haven't yet been able to pin point what the problem is. This time around, I decided to go for a wine coloured red. Specifically, the colour I chose is called Prestige.

Like most matte lipsticks, this one is quite drying for the lips. However, I don't find it unbearable. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has chapped lips though, because I can imagine the mess it would make. It's not very long wearing, and easily wipes off. I guess this could be a pro or a con, depending on what you look for in a lipstick. For me, colour pay off is the most important thing, so having to re-apply this one a few times a day doesn't bother me.

Mavala Twilight Blue Nail Polish

This polish was purchased at the same time as the Sinful Colors nail polish. It was actually the same price because it was on sale. Usually I think it is around 5 dollars. However, the bottle is very small. I usually stay away from smaller format nail polishes because I find they tend to dry up faster. However, I could not resist buying this dark, denim toned polish from Mavala. This was another brand I had never seen before in stores. It's a Swiss brand, and apparently they only make small format bottles of polish.

This polish definitely requires two layers, as the first one is kind of streaky. Fortunately, after the second layer, everything is smooth and perfect. I would definitely repurchase from this brand. They had a lot of unique colours, which kind of made me want to buy them all.

Has anyone else tried Mavala nail polishes? If so, do you have any colour recommendations for my next purchase?