Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Water Decals

I ordered these water decals from Born Pretty Store a few weeks ago after seeing Robin post a review on her blog. If you're curious to see a full tutorial with pictures on how to use nail water decals, check out her blog post about them here.

I chose two designs, which you can find here on the Born Pretty Store website. I chose the designs BLE1745, and BLE1744, which you can see pictured below. I used the BLE1744 design, which are the beautiful orchids on the left.

I had never used water decals, only nail stickers many years ago, and they weren't that good. However, from the reviews I read these would be very easy to use and give an excellent result. I wasn't disappointed at all. They look great, and were so easy to use! Each sheet comes with 20 decals, so if you use one for each finger you get two manis out of one sheet! I used only four stickers this time.

I started off with my Witchcraft base coat, followed by two coats of Deborah Lippman's New Flesh. This polish is from the True Blood collection, and it's become my favourite nude. It just goes really well with my skin tone, I think! I then cut out the four water decals I wanted to use, and applied to my index and ring finger on both hands. I topped it off with my Witchcraft top coat. Here is the result!

I recently cut my nails to their shortest, and I think these water decals work great for someone who has shorter nails! 

Super duper cheap (0.99$ per sheet, and shipping is free! WHAT??)
Very easy to use, all instructions are on the back of the packaging
Last a long time (I've had these on my nails for 4 days now, and they look like I just put them on today)

I honestly can't think of any, except you'll become addicted and want to buy every design Born Pretty Store has for sale =_=

If you've never used water decals, I really recommend trying them. These are perfect for those of us who wish they could do nail art, but aren't that talented or who don't have the time required. These were super fast to apply, not much longer than I usually take to paint my nails normally. This was my first time buying from Born Pretty Store, and I was super satisfied. I will definitely purchase from them again.

What do you think about these water decals? Do you like the patterns I chose?

xx Cynthia

On My Nails: China Glaze's Sunday Funday

This is a nail colour that I normally wouldn't have purchased, but it was in the bargain bin for 1$, so obviously I had to have it! Sunday Funday is a very bright blue, that reminds me of summer days by the pool. This is a very opaque nail polish, so two coats is really all you need. I only own two China Glaze polishes, but they seem to chip very easily? I don't know if I'm just unlucky, or if all China Glaze polishes are like this. So I recommend using a top coat with this one. In any case, it's not a colour that I would want to keep on my nails for longer than a few days anyway, so that doesn't bother me too much.

Let me know what you think about this colour! Do you also have problems with premature chipping with China Glaze polishes? I want to know this before buying more from this brand.

Also, thank you so much to my new followers on Bloglovin, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy reading my blog!

xx Cynthia

Friday, August 22, 2014

On My Nails: In Stitches by Essie

Even though it's technically still summer, the temperature has really gone down quite a bit this past week or so here in Québec. The slightly cooler weather made me look for autumn colours while going through my polish collection, and I decided to go with In Stitches by Essie. This is one of my most worn shades, and one of the few polishes that I can remember paying full price for because I had to have it! 

The colour is hard to describe, but it's definitely a perfect colour for autumn. I love to wear this with jeans, brown boots and an oversized oatmeal coloured sweater. This is what three coats of polish looks like, you could probably get away with wearing just 2 coats though!

What do you think? Is it too early for me to be wearing autumn shades?

xx Cynthia

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Annabelle Lipsies in Orange

I know that I am SUPER late to the party with this one, and seeing as this is a limited edition product, it will probably be incredibly difficult to find. However, I did find it a few weeks ago on sale for 2$ at my local drugstore (Familiprix), which is a total steal compared to the original price of 4.79$. If you live in a smaller town like I do, you might also be able to find this in the bargain bin! I also wanted to post a review because as of late I haven't seen any posts on the orange lipsies, which is the one that I got. There are 8 flavors in total.

This lip balm is surprisingly pigmented, and applies evenly in just one swipe. It keep lips very moisturized and slick. If you do happen to eat or drink something, you will have to reapply because it come off really easy. However, it does seem to stain just a tad, so if it does come off it's not such a big deal because some of the colour remains. I found this out after swatching on my arm. Even after washing my arm with soap and water, I still have an orange line >_<.

Here is what the lip balm looks like on my arm, below is a swatch on my lips!

First a picture of my bare lips, yup I know my lips are very weirdly shaped and puffy >.<.

Here is what it looks like on my lips. In reality, it's a lot more orange than on these pictures, but somehow my camera has trouble capturing that!

Quite inexpensive (2$ on sale for 3.5g of product)
Clever packaging (twist bottom)
Very good pigmentation for a balm
Smells really nice! (like orange candy or pop)

The orange colour makes my teeth look more yellow than they actually are.

If you like lip products, you'll probably want to try Annabelle Lipsies in at least one colour (there are 8 to choose from). They are really fun and smell amazing, I definitely recommend these!

xx Cynthia

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: PureDerm Skin Solutions 'Myung-an' Brightening Korean Herb Mask

Lately my skin has been feeling a little dehydrated and taut. Looking through the different skin products I've hoarded over time, I came across the PureDerm Skin Solutions 'Myung-an' Brightening Korean Herb Mask for Dry Skin. I had purchased this a few months ago on a whim, seeing as it was very inexpensive. If I remember correctly, this mask was being sold for 2-3 $ at Walmart. There was a nice selection of Korean sheet masks aimed at helping various skin problems. I chose the one for dry skin.

I tried this mask on after taking my shower last night. You must first cleanse and dry your face, after which you wear the mask for 15-20 minutes. The mask fit my face perfectly. The only thing was the holes for the eyes could have been a little wider, but it wasn't that big of a deal. This sheet mask was very moist with the serum, and even after the 20 minutes it still was very wet. So much so that I decided to wring it out and see what would happen. So much serum came out! I massaged as much as I could onto my face, neck and hands. As I was massaging it into my skin, I could tell right away that my skin was way more plump than it had been before. My skin just felt really hydrated and healthy. 

I was a little nervous though while using this though, because this mask tingled my skin just a tad. It was kind of the feeling you get that lets you know you're going to have an allergic reaction to something. Thankfully, I didn't get any allergic reaction whatsoever, and that tingly sensation went away about 20 minutes after I had taken off the mask. I guess this was just the sensation of the Korean herbs at work? I don't know, haha. After the mask, I just applied my usual skin cream and went to sleep.

Super inexpensive (under 3$ for one mask)
Doesn't irritate my skin or cause an allergic reaction
Hydrates the skin, and plumps it up!

Results don't last very long (less than 24 hours)
Holes for eyes needed to be a bit wider (had to be very careful not to get any serum in my eyes because of this)

I will be honest, I was thinking that I probably wasn't going to like this mask. It was cheap, and the reviews online weren't that great. I was happily surprised, and would definitely repurchase this mask, as well as try the other masks made by PureDerm. I would recommend to use this mask a few hours before a big event, when you want to make sure your skin looks extra bright and healthy. However, you should for sure try it out before a big event, just to make sure your skin doesn't react badly to it. My skin is very sensitive, and I was fine, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Monday, August 11, 2014

On My Nails: Am I Making Myself Claire? Nicole by OPI

I bought this polish on sale for 1$, can you believe it? Am I Making Myself Claire? is a lovely greyish lilac part of Nicole by OPI's Modern Family collection. The thing with special collections is you can often get the items for ridiculous prices later on (unless they've sold out, of course). During this particular shopping trip at Pharmaprix, I also got three polishes from the Selena Gomez collection for 1$ each as well. Score! Here is what three coats of Am I Making Myself Claire? looks like on my nails.

I didn't apply a top coat this time around, and the polish stayed chip free on my nails for 3 days, which I think is fair. If you like your nails to look super glossy, I would recommend applying a top coat on this polish because it isn't glossy at all. After two coats, it was still somewhat streaky, but a third coat fixed that!

What do you think about this colour? Do you also prefer to wait for collection items to be reduced before buying?

xx Cynthia

Monday, August 4, 2014

On My Nails: Essence's Macaron, C'est Bon!

I've had this polish for a few weeks already and have had the pleasure of painting my nails with it several times. This is my first time trying a metallic polish, oddly enough. I'm not usually attracted to such polishes, but this one is kind of pearly looking, which made me interested in buying it.

There are four polishes in the Cookies & Cream collection from Essence. I chose the 4th shade, appropriately named Macaron, C'est Bon! It's a pearly, pinkish nude. Each bottle came with a sheet of 5 pastry themed stickers. One thing about it is that it is very streaky, no matter how many layers you apply or how carefully you apply it. I don't particularly mind in this case, I feel like it kind of goes with the finish of this polish. It dries pretty quickly, which I like a lot. If I remember correctly, this polish was 2.50 at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart), which is really inexpensive in my opinion!

What do you think about this polish?

xx Cynthia

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

This night lotion is supposed to improve the appearance of blemish-damaged skin, control oiliness and moisturize. For 18.00, it's quite pricy, but The Body Shop often has sales, so it is possible to purchase this lotion for much less. Tea tree oil is a well known, natural oil that works wonders on blemishes and dries them out. This lotion is extremely light, and sinks into the skin very rapidly. If you have dry skin, you will probably need extra moisturizing.

I used this lotion for a few weeks before stopping, and honestly I haven't seen a difference in my skin since then. It's no better, no worse. Initially, my acne scars did fade quite a bit, but it only took a few days of usage until the scars had faded to a maximum. After that, the lotion had little to no effect on my skin. It was so light, that I had to layer an extra moisturizer on top, which made this lotion pretty useless in my opinion.

Lightens acne scars
Doesn't break me out

Very light, and not moisturizing enough for me
Didn't help with under the skin bumps or blackheads

In my opinion, this product would work nicely for someone who has oily skin, white heads, and acne scarring. I have extremely dry skin, under the skin bumps, and very few acne scars, so I did not notice an extreme difference. I will say that my acne scars did fade a bit, but it's not enough of an improvement that would make me want to repurchase the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion.

xx Cynthia

Friday, July 18, 2014

On my nails: Maybelline New York's Coral Crush

Today is another sunny day, and I wanted my nails to reflect that! I chose to go with a lovely pinkish coral, that I picked up recently when the Maybelline New York Color Show polishes were on sale for 2.50 $ each at my local Pharmaprix. The formula wasn't the best, and this definitely required 3 coats. The drying time was pretty long, in my opinion. Overall, I think that Coral Crush is a beautiful colour, with a formula that one could expect from a polish of this price point.

This is the perfect colour for summer, and I think it would look so pretty with a tan! Hopefully I will get to work on getting one this weekend ^-^. I wish you all a lovely day!

xx Cynthia

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Witchcraft mini cures

This is a 3 piece kit that includes cuticle oil serum, a 4-in-1 total care product, and a protein hardener. If you have read my Sally Hansen Maximum Strength review, you'll know that I've always had trouble with my nails being flaky and not growing. Although the Sally Hansen product does work quite well, it definitely is not a perfect product. When I saw this three piece kit on sale for 3.99 at my local Pharmaprix, I just couldn't resist trying something new in the hopes of getting stronger, longer nails. Normally this kit would have cost 12 dollars.

Witchcraft is a Canadian brand, but I had never yet tried any of their products. Now I have only been using these products for a little over a week, and because of a gardening incident, I had to cut my nails to their shortest. However, the results are already quite apparent. My nails have been growing out stronger, and I can see this little kit being a good investment already.

What I have been doing is using the cuticle oil by massaging it into my nails and cuticles. This oil is made of almond oil, and is very fast absorbing. Then, I apply a thin coat of the protein hardener. This product goes on clear, and is very fast drying. I finish it off with a thin coat of the 4-in-1 total care product. This product can be used as both a base coat, and a top coat! This information can all be found on the Witchcraft website.

You get a good size sample of three products
Formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene free (linked to cancer & other health problems)
Cuticle oil is fast absorbing
Protein hardener and 4-in-1 total care are both fast drying and dry clear

There is almost no information on the box itself, I had to look up what the 4-in-1 total care product did on the Witchcraft website

I like how this small kit includes three products that work well together, and that I might not have otherwise tried were they not included. These products are available in full size, so if you really like them you can purchase them once you run out. However, I have a feeling that even though the bottles are pretty small, they will last a long time.

xx Cynthia